Little Dragons

Little Dragons class: 4-5 year old kids

The Little Dragons class is the first stepping stone in enabling children to gain independence and overcome personal obstacles through learning and play.

In a fun, colourful environment, this class aims to improve skills such as coordination, self-assurance and strength in your little ones. 

Our classes are always changing to keep these 4-5-year-olds engaged. The classes are 30 minutes and are a mixture of fitness, simple Kenpo techniques and collaborative activities. This program is indispensable for developing children’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical abilities. 

Classes are conducted by Mrs. Suzanne Woods and a few junior student instructors. With over 18 years of experience teaching these classes, Mrs. Suzanne Woods is very patient and able to help these kids understand the balancing of fun and respect that will be incredibly important as they are transitioning into primary school.

We are so proud of the community we’ve created in the Little Dragons, their determination, inclusivity and teamwork are both admirable and adorable. We have even seen a few of these little guys continue all the way into the adult system and turn into exceptional young men and women.

As a parent, it is so important to foster a positive routine of fitness in your kids. This Little Dragons class is a perfect way to do just that whilst giving them a headstart into their journey of lifelong development.

What clients say
This is a fantastic martial arts school run by internationally respected instructors with over 30 years of individual martial arts experience. Fun and supportive class environment. No egos. In fact, the emphasis is on helping each other to become better martial artists, better people and in making the world a better place! You will gain a whole lot of self-defence skills, but also fitness, confidence, discipline, resilience and amazing friendships. I have watched many kids (and adults), under the instruction of Don and Suzanne Woods, develop into incredible martial artists, excelling in all areas of their life. I cannot recommend this school more highly.
Parent & Kenpo practitioner
I have known Suzanne and Don Woods since 2004 when my cousin first joined Kenpo as a little dragon. Over the years I have watched the Woods family train and nurture numerous students to become confident, respectful black belt students who are still with Kenpo today (including my now 25 year old cousin). I signed up my two young sons in 2019 for Kenpo and have watched them thrive under the care and guidance of Suzanne and Don Woods. My kids look forward to their weekly classes and enjoy learning new techniques which they like to practise on my unfortunate husband. I highly recommend Kenpo 5.0 Brisbane!
Donna S
Great for kids to improve their confidence and learn discipline. Great for adults to become more active and learn something new. Affordable and you can choose from 2 nights a week or go to both! Awesome family of professional trainers who often go overseas to judge and compete. Would highly recommend!!
DN Parent
Dani Nhi

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