Kids Classes

Kids Class: where Kenpo 5.0 martial art journey begins

Our kid’s class is where the Kenpo 5.0 journey begins. This class is more than punches and kicks.  Our program creates a lasting positive change in your child’s life. 

We treat these kids like big people. They have responsibilities to know their material, keep their uniforms presentable, and work together. Here, kids will learn to stop using ‘my mum forgot to pack…’ excuses and take accountability for their actions.

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of Martial Arts is knowing your child is able to protect themselves from a stranger on the street. However, we stress solving conflicts first with respect and communication wherever possible.

In fact, this idea is so ingrained that each class starts with this pledge:


‘I have no weapons, just empty hands but if I am forced to protect myself or others from harm, then here are my weapons. Karate my empty hands.’

At Sunnybank Martial Arts, our instructors are also involved in students’ education and personal lives. We welcome parents to come in and talk to us about their child’s study and work habits and are happy to help in any way we can. Frequently, we assist in correcting behavioural problems that parents may be having difficulty dealing with.

Your child will grow in every class! They are not only becoming healthier as they do sport, but they are also learning the importance of self-discipline and respect. When you enrol your child in a martial arts class, you are providing them with much more than physical skills, you’re giving them a chance to thrive.

Why choose our martial art school in Sunnybank?

Family environment and culture to create strong, confident people

The community atmosphere we cultivate here will connect them with new friends, positive mentors, and instill teamwork and leadership skills

Encourage goal setting and personal development

Our martial art school helps our students learn unshakable confidence, true discipline, and the value of a strong work ethic.

Suitable for all levels and ages

We have over 100 students from 4 years old to 56 years old. Our classes are tailored to every fitness & ability levels.

More energy, reduced stress and better happiness

We will help you lose weight, build muscle, feel healthy and confident, and get into the best shape of your life
Don Instructor
“For us, Kenpo is truly a Family affair. I take great pleasure in guiding all the Children in our Sunnybank Martial Arts School towards their goals. They are all well on their way to becoming strong, kind, respectful, knowledgeable and humble members of our community.”

Don Woods

4th Degree Black Belt Instructor
What clients say
This is a fantastic martial arts school run by internationally respected instructors with over 30 years of individual martial arts experience. Fun and supportive class environment. No egos. In fact, the emphasis is on helping each other to become better martial artists, better people and in making the world a better place! You will gain a whole lot of self-defence skills, but also fitness, confidence, discipline, resilience and amazing friendships. I have watched many kids (and adults), under the instruction of Don and Suzanne Woods, develop into incredible martial artists, excelling in all areas of their life. I cannot recommend this school more highly.
Parent & Kenpo practitioner
I have known Suzanne and Don Woods since 2004 when my cousin first joined Kenpo as a little dragon. Over the years I have watched the Woods family train and nurture numerous students to become confident, respectful black belt students who are still with Kenpo today (including my now 25 year old cousin). I signed up my two young sons in 2019 for Kenpo and have watched them thrive under the care and guidance of Suzanne and Don Woods. My kids look forward to their weekly classes and enjoy learning new techniques which they like to practise on my unfortunate husband. I highly recommend Kenpo 5.0 Brisbane!
Donna S
Great for kids to improve their confidence and learn discipline. Great for adults to become more active and learn something new. Affordable and you can choose from 2 nights a week or go to both! Awesome family of professional trainers who often go overseas to judge and compete. Would highly recommend!!
DN Parent
Dani Nhi

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