2nd Degree Black Belt Instructor

Sarah Woods

Kenpo Instructor - Sarah Woods

Sarah began her Kenpo journey at age 4 and became our youngest Junior
Black Belt at age 11. She has been assisting in the junior classes since

Sarah continued into the Adult Kenpo 5.0 System and received her 1st
Degree Black Belt from Mr. Speakman in Las Vegas in 2019. She then went on to achieve her 2nd Degree Black belt in 2021.
She has competed at an international level on many occasions. She has
been an Oceania Champion for her age group in Self defence, and more
recently competed at the Las Vegas World Cup 2019 where she was
overall Grand Champion in Adult Self Defence and Divisional World
Champion for her age group in forms.

Sarah attended Macgregor State High School and was the 3 rd  of the Woods children to be School Captain (2017).

Sarah was also announced as the winner of the Australian Olympic
Movement’s Pierre De Coubertin award in 2017. This prestigious award is given to students who excel in all sport and set a good example to others with their great sportsmanship and spirit.

Sarah is a valued member of our Junior Kenpo Instructors team helping in kids and adult classes.

Sarah is currently working for the QAS as Level 2 Advanced Care Paramedic in Mackay.

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