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Congratulations! Las Vegas Camp 2015

Much excitement in Australia this morning after last night's test in Las Vegas.We are excited to announce the following new senior ranks. Congratulations to Mr Speakman's JSK5-0 Australian representative David Giovenco who successfully graded to 5th Degree Black Belt....

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World Championship Success

World Championship Success!! We have recently returned from Las Vegas after competing in the 5-0 Fighter World Cup. Another successful trip for our Brisbane team! Results: Suzanne Woods 1st Place and World Champion in Black Belt women Self Defence 2nd Place In Grand...

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World Kenpo News

20th Anniversary Kenpo 5.0 Training Camp

Jeff Speakman's World Martial Arts Event 2015 Jeff Speakman's Kenpo 5.0 is proud to announce it's 20th Training Camp being held in Las Vegas in 2015. This event is open to all Kenpo 5.0 Students and Instructors around the World and we always have a great time...

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