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Brisbane Kenpo News

Welcome Back to Class 2021!

Hi everyone Our classes are resuming tomorrow night Tuesday 19th January. Junior Beginner classes are first up at 5.30pm. New enrolments are welcome. Due to current Qld Government Covid regulations please book a trial class on 0407 021 382 or email us at...

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! We are currently on holidays. Our Brisbane Kenpo 5-0 classes resume Tuesday 19th January. For information on times and the location of our classes please check website. If you are interested in joining us this year please feel free to PM us...

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Merry Christmas from Kenpo 5-0 Brisbane!

And "That's all folks". The Woods family would like to thank all our Brisbane Kenpo 5-0 families who supported us this year! Who would have thought we would have had to teach on Zoom for 4 months!? Thank you all so much! We are now on a break for 4 weeks. Returning to...

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Australian Kenpo News

Sarah Woods Oceania Grand Champ 2019

Massive Congratulations to our whole Brisbane team who travelled to Sydney with us recently. We had close to 50 people travel which is astounding! Fantastic results across the board. Highlights for us : Sarah Woods won the Overall Grand Champ in Self defence. We had 6...

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World Kenpo News