Brisbane Seminar – Tuesday 10th October

Paloma Reception centre – 121 Mains Rd, Sunnybank

Kids Seminar Starts at 6:00pm

Adults Seminar Starts at 7:30pm

Jeff Speakman Seminars are very active. The best way to experience and understand why Kenpo 5.0 is so effective is to participate so bring your full training gear including groin guards and mouth guards if you have them.

Spectators are also welcome to join us for the Adult Seminar, spectator tickets are available for purchase below.

Tickets for Adults and Kids Seminars can be purchased online securely via Paypal. Please select your tickets below and add to cart before checkout.

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Adult Seminar Tickets $75ea

Kids Seminar Tickets $25ea

Spectator Tickets $20ea

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Jeff Speakman Kenpo 5.0 Manuals

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Orange Belt Manual $15

Purple Belt Manual $15

Blue Belt Manual $15

Green Belt Manual $15

1st Brown Belt manual $15

2nd Brown Belt Manual $15

3rd Brown Belt Manual $15

Black Belt Manual $15

Jeff Speakman Kenpo 5.0 Training DVDs

White Belt DVD $30

Yellow Belt DVD $30

Orange Belt DVD $30

Purple Belt DVD $30

Blue Belt DVD $30

Green Belt DVD $30

1st Brown Belt DVD $30

2nd Brown Belt DVD $30

3rd Brown Belt DVD $30

Black Belt DVD $30

The Nut Cracker DVD $30

Complete JSKK DVD Set $300

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